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Are you envious of your neighbor's lavish and healthy lawn? Are you looking for someone to cut the grass on a regular basis? Whatever the case, the esteemed professionals at Lawn Pros Of Tallahassee can help you.

We're in the business of beautifying lawns. From routine lawn mowing and lawn edging to aeration and weed removal, we do it all. As an added bonus, we offer all these exemplary services for rates that few professionals can compete with.

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Lawn Care Experts

There are many benefits of hiring our professional landscaping team. Years of experience keeping lawns healthy—and getting them there—is what gives us the title of Tallahassee’s number one lawn care service. We have the skills to back it up too. We have gained a rich reservoir of experiential knowledge that we will apply to your lawn when you hire us.

Every lawn is different and will require a different level of care depending on its needs. When you contact our team, we’ll set up a consultation where we can inspect your lawn. This will allow us to develop a comprehensive understanding of what your lawn needs to elevate its luster. We’ll then come to you with our report and plan of action required to get it there.

Once there is a scheduling agreement made, your lawn will be in our expert hands. We will take hold of your lawn and get it on the right track to being as green, healthy, and full as it can be.

Benefits of Our Routine Lawn Care

When you schedule us for your routine lawn care, you’re getting more benefits than just green grass. Keep reading to learn more.

Healthier Lawn

Cutting your lawn regularly ensures the grass is at an even height. When the blades are even, sun and water can be evenly dispersed throughout it as opposed to when it is left growing unruly. What’s more, the grass clippings left by the mower will decompose in the soil and act as a fertilizer for the lawn. This encourages new growth making the grass look greener and fuller.

Elevate Curb Appeal

When you have a thick lawn, it is easier for us to place consistently impressive lines with our mower. These lines add dimension, symmetry, and an illusory two-toned coloring to the lawn that is pleasing to the eye. Trust us, almost everyone who sees our beautifully maintained lawn will comment.

Pest Control

Keeping your grass nice and short will also keep the pests at bay. It doesn’t offer a solution to pest control, but short grass certainly controls the amount of potentially damaging pests in your lawn.

To learn more about how we can get your lawn as lush and green as ever, just give us a call at our main number, (850) 508-0595. Our friendly and hardworking staff looks forward to speaking with you about the overall health of your lawn and your plan to improve it. Give us a call today!

Lawn Maintenance Done Right

Money can buy you many things, but some things can't be bought outright. Some things require patience, time, and a lot of attention. A beautiful and healthy lawn is one of those things.

If you want your lawn to look its best, you need to invest a lot of time and energy into it. Alternatively, you need to request the help of professionals with energy and expertise to spare. That is where our landscapers come in.

When it comes to keeping lawns lush and green, there isn’t anyone better for the job than Lawn Pros Of Tallahassee. A regular regimen of fertilization, hydration, and lawn mowing depending on your lawn’s individual needs is what will get your lawn on the road to success. We will take care of everything! Our careful landscapers will manicure your lawn with expert precision, trim around the gardens, trees, and objects on the lawn ensuring a nice even cut.

From our top-notch lawn maintenance to exceptional customer service, you’ll see why we’re leaders in lawn care throughout Tallahassee and the surrounding area.

Ready for a boost in your property’s curb appeal? Contact us now at (850) 508-0595 to schedule a consultation.

Honest Quotes on Lawn Care Services

We set out to establish trust with our clients early on. By providing you with honest and accurate quotes, we give you the information you need while putting you at ease. We want you to move forward knowing that there aren’t going to be any surprises at the end of the lawn care session.

For many homeowners in the Tallahassee area, the price of a service is what determines whether they’ll request it or not. That is why we are up-front with our service quotes. At the very outset, we will let you know the price of initial lawn treatments and offer honest projections on what future remedies may cost. Before long, you will have all the information you need to make informed decisions about your lawn’s health.

When you get in touch with us, we'll set up a no-obligation consultation at the earliest convenience. Our lawn care professionals will be right over to conduct a full assessment of your green space. This way, we can come up with a lawn maintenance plan that suitable for your needs and preferences.

From there, we're always glad to provide you with an honest quote of our services. We'll be sure to factor in the precise lawn care services you're looking for at the frequency you desire. Whether you schedule our services weekly, monthly, or seasonally, you'll be amazed at how accessible our prices are. Get in touch with us to schedule your no-obligation consultation today.

Custom Lawn Care Plans

Does your lawn have a lot of hedges that need regular trimming? Do the intricate walkways and pathways benefit from routine lawn edging? We’re capable of carrying out whatever lawn care services you need and more. When it comes to our customer’s lawns, we always take the custom approach to lawn care routines.

Every lawn faces a different set of obstacles. Most homeowners want to do something unique with their lawn, as well. These are the reasons why we take a customized approach to every lawn care task.

We tailor our services to you and your property. Some lawns might benefit from seeding or fertilization, while others might require a stronger irrigation system. Rest assured, we will come up with a customized plan to bring out the best in your lawn.

You Set the Schedule

We know what’s best for your lawn, but we leave the finer points of the lawn care schedule to you. Are there days you’d prefer to have us visit the property? Are there weeks in the summer when you do not want us to visit? Let us know. Our flexible scheduling options will surely accommodate you.

It's not just our services that are customizable. We even customize the maintenance schedule according to your day-to-day life or preferences. Would you like us to visit your property every second Wednesday or Thursday? All you have to do is let us know. With us, you can even adjust the maintenance schedule as time progresses. If at any moment you'd like a last-minute visit, we are just a phone call away.

All the Lawn Services You Need

Front-yard and backyard lawns need more than just a lawnmower to look nice. The flowers, grass, and trees on a property all have unique needs—and face unique challenges, too. Shaded areas might impede the growth of healthy grass, while poor drainage might result in pools of water.

Rest assured, we have the equipment and knowledge needed to address all your lawn issues and more. From lawn mowing to the installation of irrigation systems, we are the one-stop-shop for all your lawn care needs in Tallahassee. We'll work with you to create a custom lawn care plan that is perfect for your landscape and your budget. We offer a full range of lawn care services, including:

  • Lawn mowing
  • Weeding
  • Planting & reseeding
  • Fertilization
  • Aeration
  • Mulching
  • ...and much more!

Our team understands that every lawn is unique. We'll carefully assess every inch of your yard to pinpoint which of the services you need. Then, we'll put together a step-by-step lawn care plan to have your grass looking better than ever.

A Full-Service Lawn Care Business

We’re in the business of maintaining lawns, but we are also in the business of providing customer satisfaction.

Lawn Pros Of Tallahassee is proud to provide full-service lawn care that exceeds expectations. From start to finish, our team is with you every step of the way, making sure that you are satisfied. When you choose our grassroots approach to lawn care, we guarantee:

  • No-obligation assessments
  • Honest, written quotes
  • Custom lawn maintenance plans
  • Highly qualified lawn care professionals
  • Stunning, longstanding results

If ever you're not sure about something, our representatives are always glad to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have, all you have to do is ask.

Reliable, Affordable Lawn Maintenance

Everyone wants a wonderful lawn, but no one wants to pay more than they have to for wonderful results. With us, you get the benefit of exceptional service for manageable rates. We price our services according to the standards of our industry, but our services are well above the standards of our competitors. When you see our results, you’ll feel like you’ve received the greatest bargain of all.

Certified Professionals You Can Afford

When it comes to lawn maintenance, you want reliable service and affordable rates. We pride ourselves on being able to offer you both. Our lawn care professionals are certified and highly experienced. Even we finish the job, we'll give you tips and tricks on how to effectively care for your lawn yourself.

If you don't have enough time on your hands, we offer long-term, comprehensive lawn maintenance programs to keep your property looking fresh and clean. Want a lawn that will outshine the rest? When you choose us, the grass is never greener on the other side.

Tallahassee's Leading Lawn Care Service

Not every Tallahassee property can handle the long hot summers people have grown accustomed to. Some grass gets too much shade for it to truly flourish, while others lack frequent hydration. On the flipside, there might even be those lawns with grass that grows twice as fast as everyone else’s.

When property owners in the Tallahassee area need prompt, dependable lawn care services, they contact the professionals at Lawn Pros Of Tallahassee.

We are an established and experienced full-service landscaping company, committed to providing the best quality lawn care service at the most competitive prices. We use the latest, most effective equipment and machinery, providing a range of lawn specialties that will keep your lawn looking tidy and beautiful at all times.

We have gained a reputation for our attention to detail, outstanding workmanship, and prompt availability! To schedule your lawn care appointment, or to request a free quote, contact us today.

Extensive Range of Exceptional Landscaping and Lawn Care Services

There is no single service that can bring out the best in a lawn. The most attractive landscapes benefit from a battery of services, ranging from landscape design and hardscape placements to regular mowing, edging, and irrigation services. What does your lawn need? We will find out during the in-person consultation visit. With us at the helm, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Everyone values a neat, well-maintained residential property. However, many homeowners simply don’t have the time or resources to give their property the attention it deserves. Creating a beautiful lawn requires not only the right materials and supplies, but regular maintenance and diligent workmanship.

With a maintained lawn, you can extend your living space outdoors, enhancing the beauty of your home’s design and details. It provides a wonderful first impression to loved ones visiting your property. With our team of lawn care specialists, you can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful property without having to do it yourself.

We recognize that no two properties are the same, and therefore customize our wide range of services to the needs of each client. Regardless of your lawn’s needs, we are the company to serve you!

To learn more, reach out to one of our representatives today.

Regularly Scheduled Lawn Maintenance for Your Tallahassee Home

Great things can come out of repetition and hard work. When you invest in route lawn care services, you’ll get to see just what our dedication and commitment to a regimen provide you with. Even after one mowing session, we’ll have your lawn looking more manicured than ever. As for those dry areas where grass refuses to grow? In the span of a few weeks, they will look luscious in ways you never thought possible.

To keep your property looking lovely and attractive, we can set up regular visits to your property on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. Your lawn care schedule can be tailored to the size and features of your property.

We offer a number of dependable services in our lawn care routine including:

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Landscaping Design and Construction
  • General Lawn Care
  • Pest Control
  • Mulching and Fertilization
  • Hardscaping
  • Irrigation
  • Sodding
  • Shrubs and Hedges

We use only the latest and most effective lawn equipment, which is regularly maintained and upgraded to ensure effective performance. Our team can also recommend the best additions to your property in terms of landscaping features and layouts. We work alongside Tallahassee’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of lawn care supplies, and we can pass on the cost-savings to clients.

Experienced, Diligent Lawn Care Professionals

Each member of our staff is extensively trained and qualified to provide top-quality landscaping and lawn care services.

We are fully licensed and bonded and are committed to exceeding clients’ expectations every time. Our objective is to work with both efficiency and patience on each site.

Best of all, we offer a helpful and courteous approach to customer service.

Transform and Beautify Your Property with Regular Lawn Care

When you need the best lawn care services, you can benefit from the outstanding lawn care services of Lawn Pros Of Tallahassee.

With our wide range of specialties, highly-trained staff, and great rates, our specialists are the ones to call.

For a free consultation for our services, contact us today!

Lawn Care in Tallahassee

As anyone who is interested in lawn care knows, first impressions do matter. While it is true that nobody likes to judge a book by its cover, the simple fact of the matter is that many people do. So, if you want to make sure that as many neighbors, friends and family are left impressed at the sheer beauty of your lawn, then why not call us at Lawn Pros Of Tallahassee today.

Our skilled and experienced team of landscape professionals at Lawn Pros Of Tallahassee work diligently every day to make sure that the first impressions of your Tallahassee home are as memorable as possible for all the right reasons. So, why not call us today and allow us to take care of your home’s landscaping needs in a professional manner? We promise, you won’t regret it.

Factor in our competitive prices, convenient opening hours and flexible payment plans and it is clear to see why, more often than not, we are the first number that homeowners in Tallahassee call when they want a superior standard of lawn care.

Why Choose Lawn Pros Of Tallahassee?

Lawn Pros Of Tallahassee was established with one goal in mind. If you want access to a full and comprehensive landscaping service that will put your lawn’s needs front and center in everything we do, then we should be the first number you call. Having grown our landscaping business from the ground-up, we really do know the true value of hard work. Our company has grown up over the years from a two-person operation into a full staff of professionals able to meet your every landscaping needs.

Our skilled and dedicated team is built upon fostering long-term relationships where our clients can be guaranteed that they will receive the same high standards that we set for ourselves each and every day. Our winning reputation for the client-centered approach to customer service means that we will simply not be beaten for price, quality or convenience.

Three Benefits of Professional Lawn Care

What many people fail to realize is that so much work goes into making sure that your lawn looks its best for longer. However, at Lawn Pros Of Tallahassee, this is a job that we’re happy to do. Indeed, some of the benefits that come from investing in a professional lawn care service can be read below:

  • We Know Trees and Shrubs: What’s important to remember about trees and shrubbery is that they can be extremely deceiving. One day, they look healthy and the next, they can often appear like they are an inch away from death. So, whether the problem is insects or disease, a treatment program from us is an excellent way of preventing decay.
  • We are Consistent: When you hire a professional landscape service for your lawn care needs, you can count on every treatment being done to the highest possible standard and within a certain window of time.
  • We Love What We Do: At Lawn Pros Of Tallahassee, we love our job. If you interview a person who isn’t, then you need to turn the other way.

Scheduled Lawn Care in Tallahassee

Anyone with a lawn will tell you how hard it is to keep it green for the whole summer. Sure you can water it and mow it. You might even aerate it and fertilize it. But those yellow patches just keep coming back. Is it the sun? Is it the lack of rain? Is it negligence?

The Lawn Pros of Tallahassee look at lawn care like a science. We know that the success of your lawn has to do with the chemical composition of the soil, the species of grass, and the frequency of lawn treatments. When you hire us to take care of your lawn, we put together a detailed maintenance plan that outlines when and how your lawn needs to be treated. Ultimately, our goal is to make your lawn healthier than it’s ever been.

Lawn Fertilization

Fertilizer can do wonders for even the driest and most desolate-looking lawn. Over the years, we have used natural fertilizers to completely transform properties for the better. Fertilizer, in conjunction with regular hydration, weeding, and a host of other lawn care activities is the best way to revitalize a lackluster lawn.

A lot of people think that fertilizer is a kind of plant food that helps plants grow big and strong. But this isn’t exactly true. In most areas, the soil that people use for their lawns doesn’t have enough (or the right) nutrients for optimal lawn growth. Fertilizer artificially puts those nutrients back into the soil.

The most common missing element is nitrogen. When combined with water and sunlight, nitrogen allows your grass to grow quickly. In a lot of cases, homeowners will either put too much or too little nitrogen into their soil. Thankfully, that’s our job! Calculating the quantity of nitrogen that your lawn needs are what we do best.

We also apply fertilizers that promote healthy root structures. This allows your grass to thrive in the summer months when the sun’s powerful rays would normally damage your grass.

Fertilization needs to occur on a regular schedule throughout the year. The Lawn Pros of Tallahassee will work out a fertilization plan that is suited to the specific needs of your lawn. Contact us today!

Lawn Mowing

Everyone knows that if you want a healthy looking lawn with great curb appeal you need to mow it once a week. But who has time for that? You work hard every day and the last thing you want to do on Saturday morning is mow the lawn.

That’s where we come in. With our scheduled lawn care service, we’ll keep your lawn looking sharp week after week.

And by combining this with our fertilization plans, you’re sure to have the greenest grass in the neighborhood.

Core Aeration

As the grass in your yard lives and dies, it will eventually form a thick matted layer between the soil and the green stems. This is called thatch. A thin layer is great for encouraging growth by keeping the moisture in the soil. But if the thatch gets too thick, it can actually harm the grass.

Doing a core aeration a few times per year will go a long way to prevent the excessive build-up of thatch. Leave it to the pros, The Lawn Pros of Tallahassee!

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